...Remember when I told you I love you Well I lied...

...That means I believed every single lie you ever said...

5 July
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Well ... Mini_Bio...here we go ... I Love My Friends such as Casey, Janelle, Bryanne, Ashley, Jessie, Casey, Kassie, Nikki, and lots more ... I Love My Cookie Slut *Cory* and My Jewdee!!! And My Precious *Benito* My Lova *Nikki E* My Ruff Rida *Cortney* and My Cracklet*Andrea* and once again ... many more ... Me and Andrea are in this little superhero thing called Uber Ditz ... Lol we have our own theme song ... NANANANNANAA UBBBBBER DITZ!!! Yea .. creative we know ... our costume is dun dun dun ... Care bear Party Hats!! And we are gonna make pretty capes!! Pink ones ... with pretty hero stuff on the back cause we rawk like that ... I have a mohawk fetish oh I also Love my Cootie 2 ... And Me and Jewdee have the best perception of the perfect guy ever ... yep thats your mini-bio for ya. Oh also .. I love Casey *A* Brown ... Yep her and I know just how a womans suppose to die ... and this also goes to her . I didnt know such a quiet boy could be so bad. Stick Joe. Sandy...!!! I dont knowwhat else I want to say but Have fun reading this if anyone reads this at all!!!
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