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...Remember when I told you I love you Well I lied... [entries|friends|calendar]

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I love My Pals!!! [06 Sep 2004|07:19pm]
Hey ... Wellerz last night was fun I hung with Mike Garrett and Shawn ... Yea they are a cool bunch lol ... Went to the mall with my Girlies and Ive been spending tons of time with Anderz which is awesome cause I Love the shit outta that girl! Lol rawk on AnderZ I told you I would still love you after I met you ... Uhmm ... So I only like one boy ... Go me Go Me! Yay ... I just have to put that outta mind for now tho ... cause well ... just cause ... I dont know what else I really wanna say ... have a good whatever Love you all


Your love hurts ... [03 Sep 2004|10:33pm]
Hey everyone ... alright so you wanna know the deal now ... here it is ... I like one boy ... yep one ... but hes off limits ... I decided to let Allen down and tell him that I would just prefer to be friends forever ... I mean wow I guess I just wasnt attracted to him ... I told him that it was a waste of his time to like me ... and have the hopes of me liking him or something ... JJ ... I just completely give on him ... I mean wow hes way off limits anyway ... so ... No ... Uh mm... Shane ... wow ... not even what I thought he was ... so I like ... someone else ... who knows ... but hes off limits cause yea ... Not going more into that ... Anyway ... so Yesterday I went to Cory and Adam and Jake and well lots more guys football game ... Then I went to Varsitys football game ... saw andrea tara and Cory again ... then I went over to Taco Johns cause Kayla and Jessie and James and Ashley were there and Cory ended up there 2 ... So I saw My Cookie Slut lots yesterday ... Then Today ... I woke up left Jessies .. went to my house Andrea called so me and Jessie went up to Piedmont ...? to see her and Cory ... we sat at the piedmont school ... Jessie and Cory barried me with grass then They all went nuts throwing grass around ... Destructive little shits ... lol ... So now me and Jessie are here at Jessies we just got busted sitting out on the roof trying to listen to Ashley and Sean talk ... Ugh I hate that kid! Hes such a dick ... Oh Yea ... and I met Kayla and Jessica... for like a sec .. but I did... Uh Me and Ashley remodeled her room ... man it rawks ... Oh and we took the carpet out ... haha we through it out the second floor window ... hahahaha ... wow ... way cool ... her dad was like DID YOU JUST THROW THAT OUT MY WINDOW? she was like no ... hes like DID YOU JUST THROW THAT CARPET OUT MY WINDOW!!! ??? .. shes like yea ... so we were bringing it to my house to throw it in my garage ... and we got to lazy we were like dragging it and so we ditched it in the woods lol ... ahhh ... well I dont know what else I wanna say ... so Im gonna go ... Peace out

I love you Ashley! Jessie! Kayla! Nikki! Jewds! Anderz! Cory! TARA! and and CASEEEEEEYYYY ... and JAnelle! And lots more but Im getting Lazy ...


[29 Aug 2004|10:03pm]
Okay ... So things have been going good ... Minus a few things Im a little confused on who I like ... But I have the list down to like 3 ... 1 is off limits cause my dad said... One ... well ... he has a gf I think ... and then the other is like hardcore Stoner... So Idk... But anyway ... Im 2 lazy to be updating so here is what my Schedule is looking like for this year ...

First Semester...

1.Phy Science - Heistad
2.German - Gibson
3.Civics/Democracy- Bergum
4. Algebra 1- Thornton
5. Choir-Overland
6.English- Mickle

Second Semester

1.Phy Science- Heistad
2. German - Gibson
3.English- Mickle
4.Algebra- Thornton
5. Choir- Overland
6. Art- Price

And my homeroom is Englund

Sooo ... Leave me one if your in any of my classes...

I Love My Jewds... Well I keng her at least!

1 Want.A.Lover.They. Dont.Have.To.Love.

Really big week [20 Aug 2004|09:07pm]
Hey! Alright so you all wanna know whats going on I can tell lol ... alright well Saturday I got back ... went to the Ace high concert saw Benito Casey and all them Dusty Josh Joe Andy lol yea you know okay ... and then Ash and I stayed at Ashleys house ... Sunday I got up ... we went and hung out with Ben and Shane... well I ended up kissing Shane ... Yea which wasnt exactly so good because I was all over Ben before I kissed him but he super looks like Nate... Anyway and then Monday ... I hung out with John and Allen and all them ... Me and Ashley made Allen come home with us ... And made him stay ... then Tuesday ... I went to meet Jewdee Andrea and Cory ... that was weird ... it was really awkward and we walked really far and yea ... it wasnt that bad but Ash was in a lotta pain so ... yea ... Cory is really effing Cute ... holy crap!I didnt think he was that cute but oh well I kinda got the hint he didnt like us 2 much ... so whatever ... and uhm...Then we went to the Beacon with Denny and came home and stuff happened ... Not to mention any names because ... just I cant ... And that was weird to cause I was all over Ryan while being all over the nameless one ... Then WEd... Nightstorm... this guy comes to dance with me right? Hes dancing and puts his hands down my pants I was like alright ... no ... then after me and ashley went to meet up with Allen at the club had to run from a cop ... yea ... Then Thur.Met Courtney ... but it was akward cause all the boys were all showing off so we didnt really say anything ... so we are gonna hang out again without them sometime ... Then we went and baby sat and I called Adam cause I wanted to see him really bad ... but he was at that stupid Kid Rock concert ... So we are spose to hang out tomorrow maybe? THen we went and picked up Allen from Lincoln ... then came home ... Today I hung out with Andrea and Tara ... ahaha wowza me and Tara are alike like ... hardcore alike ... I dont know but she rawks and it wasnt so akward this time ... Ahhh I love my Anderz ... I can so already tell we are gonna be like awesome friends and stuff and prolly me and Tara to and my and my Jewdlet and I dont think Corys gonna talk to me anymore ... lol ... but oh well ... I guess ... Anyway Bens coming over and we are trying to get shitloads more people to come over so Im gonna go peace out everyone I love you all ... Especially ... My Jewds, Anderz, Tara, My COOKIE SLUT Sorry thats such a cool name ... Uhmm ... Who Else My Courts and everyone else ... Love you all!

_Mad Love_

2 Want.A.Lover.They. Dont.Have.To.Love.

Bye Bye Beautiful...Dont bother to write [13 Aug 2004|12:37am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Okay ... So I really wish people wouldnt interfer in my life ... I know that sometimes you think that its gonna be helping me and I love that you like to see me happy n all but when you promise to keep something private for me I dont expect a phone call from my father the next day about it ... Man .. Wow .. .I dont know ... I have so much I could say but Er ... I feel so bad I really think Eric hates me and I dont know why that bothers be so much ... I mean It really really bothers me ... really bad ? Ugh ... I dont know I have just screwed so much up and this summer has been the worst summer of my life ... Thank you Cory ... for making me happy ... and Casey ... for taking me on a trip down Memory lane to make me happy me you dusty and josh are gonna have a blast paintin man ... Handprints in your closet to match mine baybee! !Lol .. whoo!! Ugh I dont know I love you all .. Yep all of you even if I seem like a bitch lately ... oh and another thing ... I dont know why My Jewds is so Sad lately ... I havent really gotten to talk to her ... SO I really hope you get happier Jewds .. I love you ...

Maddest of Love


Eff Bush. [12 Aug 2004|12:25am]
Hey! WEll today woulda been Masons dads birthday ... so Mason came down here to my gramma and grampas ... Yesterday was pretty hectic ... 2 days til Im back in Duluth Im super excited ... i had some mad weird dreams the other night kids ... The one with Jewdee and all them ... wow ... Jack Sparrow man thats all Im gonna say ... Then I had a dream about Mike ... haha wow ... that was lovely ... Pretty pointless ... and plain ... and ah geez ... Im so lazy when it comes to updating these eh ... I have so much I could say but so little pacience to do it ... leave one here if ya want me to call you when I get back

Mad Love


Oh yes... Mike Moe Rawks!!! Hardcore cause hes the BEST

Fighting for peace is like Fucking for Virginity... [10 Aug 2004|02:45pm]
Saturday Lovers!! Lol ... Alright well I have a lot on my mind ... I would really like to talk to Judy about this all and stuff but I dont really know what I can say? I have to think about it all I think ... I dont know I would like to talk to Ashley 2 ... But I know that she would be really disappointed in me and Idont want her upset with me ... Caseys too Dusty infascinated to talk to ... Janelles never on longer than 2 minutes Bry barely responds Benitos never at his computer Jessies nor James are ever off their away and Kaylas never on and Andreas never on when Im on ... and I dont know I dont really trust to many peoples opinions ... Idk ... Id rather talk to Jewdee anyway. I wish I didnt think so much ... ahhh I think Im gonna go write now...So Ill talk to all you people later...
Maddest of Love
1 Want.A.Lover.They. Dont.Have.To.Love.

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