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Hey everyone ... Im gonna try and make the a really long one ... but ya know ... So I am at Amys waiting for her to get done with drivers ed so we can go to the gym I believe that James and Jarrod are coming with us ... but I am not really absolutely possitive ... I guess I will find out when Amy gets back ... Im really sick of not having a phone but I should be getting it hooked up again soon Thank the Lord! Bah In case any one of you are wondering me and Allen are wonderful ... I love him so very very much hes the best thing that ever happened to me I must say! So Amys boyfriend was suppose to be coming up here this Thursday ... But I guess hes not ... that meathead ... ' Congratulations your a meathead son but you know what never put your fucking hands on my underpants ' Brad Brad Brad ... your quite the character are you not! So those of you wondering about Speech camp ... It was okay I guess ... wasnt really what I thought it would be ... but hey whatever I guess ... My pieces ... Blown Sideways through Life... Saw it done in Drama last year but I guess that my cut is Prose ... oh well I guess thats alright at least me and Rachel wont be bumping heads again this year ... lol ... And MY HUMOR ... yay Chicago ... I love love love love love it ... bah ... its a wonderful piece could probably be performed better by ... like ... Holly ... or ... Brittany ... or ... Like Rachel ... but hey whatever I guess Demond saw something in it for me ... I really havent quite decided if I like my prose yet ... but I guess I do well with it .. .and I dont know ... So Cheer camp ... that was quite the expierience ... we got the banana for those of you who dont know what that is ... it is basically like the top award ... meaning we had the most spirit while being down there ... and its true ... we did ... either way it was a great bonding expierience ... Kellie truly amazed me shes an awesome dancer and she like learns really fast ... Me and Tina became better friends ... which wasnt too hard I guess seeing as how neither of us really liked eachother in the first place but we are friends now yay us lol I love My Tina!!! Kendra and I definetly became better friends well because ... we really didnt like eachother too much either lol .... The Parade ... was a little messy at the beginning but I think we pulled it together by the end ... saw a ton of people that I hadnt seen in a super long time there!!! Like like.... Orie and TROY... and Max and ... ALLLLLLYYYSHHHHHHAAA  oh and prepare yourself ... I SAW MY ONE AND ONLY JUDITH RENEE WICK ... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!! I have realized that I really do miss school for the simple reason that I really do miss a ton of people that I never get to see ... anyway .. I dont realy know if I ever said anything about Philly and New York ... but boy oh boy do I ever LOVE it there!!!! Philly gorgeous got to touch the real world house damn straight bitches Landon touched that shit .... and New York... I could live there... its so beautifull!!!! OMG ... Anyway I think this is long enough  Imust go ... I love you all ...

Mad Love Like WHOA



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