xsweetxnothingx (xsweetxnothingx) wrote,

To put myself out there or not to put myself out there ... that is the question ? So I really like a certain Kid ... not to say any names but everyone knows but him anyway lol ... Lets see desicisions desisions Well ... Andrea told me to go for it ... Tear bear told me to go for it ... Joel told me to go for it ... Garrett whose opinion prolly matters the most seeing as how they are better friends than anyone else on here ... told me to go for it ... hmm thats kinda giving it aaway? Casey really really thinks I should go for it see:

Casey: you and ______ should have a thing
Me: Really ... .?
Casey: you and ______ would be soooo cute

Lol .. thats the Caseys opinion section ... Janelle hmmm ... I dont really know what she said ... she told me to go for it ... but told me prolly not cause he rejected her a while back? Hmmm If thats not giving it away I dont know what is ... hmmm ... Im gonna regret this entry later I can feel it ... Lol ... cause once I enter it theres no going back ... well there is ... but ... for me there isnt ... not on thisssssssss one ... lets see ... Jewdles told me to go for someone else ... But thats because she doesnt know this one well ... and she wants to know the one I go for lol ... Jewdles I keng you! Not one person has really told me NOT to ... besides myself because I hate rejection ... butcha know ... anyway ... I think Im gonna go ... to leave you with something other than this .. I really have like no friends anymore ... lol ... wowza.

Mad Love Like WHOA
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