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Hey everyone whats up ... So this is my new and Improved LIVE JOURNAL AND I LOVE IT ! It may be hard to read .. but you can always highlight!Well here goes a great entry lol

OKAY! So today I went to my gramma and grampas we had green burrows and talked about old times lol ... I stole all my uncles left over candy from Halloween ... lol ... It tasted really yummy if I do say so myself ... Then we watched Stuck on you and Came home ... I sat on the internet ... Improving this Xanga some more and I talked to My MOEEEE! Lol ... I heart My Moe hehe and I talked to My BUDDY Garrett!! Lol ... Oh he gives me the best Mental pictures lol hes so effing awesome! And right now I am talking to My Darla!! Hehe ... shes so silly! And I talked to MY ONE AND ONLY! Lol we are getting married on my Birthday! JULY 5 of 2005! For those of you who do not know whom my One and Only is ... It is Judith Renee Wick! And I talked to My Cracklet * Andrea * and My Cookie Slut *Cory* and The coolest kid ... Lol Max ... but only for a split sec! And Camel Toe... *Camille* Well I talked to more people but I dont really feel like continuing that Ramble Lol ... So I am friends with James again .. we talked for like 3 hours last night about everything ... and it went really good ... whoa something smells bad ... excuse me while I evacuate the room ....

ALRIGHT! I am back ... I know how excited you must be now ... that moment that I was gone that none of you actually know how long it was so I am really just sitting here rambling ... anyway ... I cant wait for Sunday ... 1. I get to go home and 2. We get to take Bob home with us... oh that cats nuts! But ya gotta love him Im tellin ya lol hes the best ...

OMFG!... I miss Chris soooo much ... Well hmmm ... actually I miss 2 Chris' Chris Smith who moved to the Cities who better bring his ass home here soon and Chris Miller! Omg ... Okay so Chris M.... Is like the only one outta anyone that I have never thought about like ... anything that I tell him I can spill my guts to him about everything be totally comfortable with it and completely trust him with every word! Ugh I love him hes sooo effing awesome and I need to talk to him soon!

SOOO ... There are 2 boys right now that I really like ... Both are single ... Ska Whore! But ... ya know how it goes ... Jewdles is convinced I could get anyone I want lol ... But I dont know about that one Jewdles ... Hehe besides your the only one I want ... teehee! But yes ... I like them both very much ... and I dont know which one to go for ... ? Oh well!

Hmmm so you all wanna know something completely Crazy!! ... Okay ... well Ill tell you anyway ... Alright so its a weird thing to notice ... but I always notice the weird things ... Anyway .. Like any day that I am like upset or just in a really horrible mood like at school I always end up running into Mike ... and like Im like Intantly happy and I like dont get sad for like the rest of the day or in a bad mood no matter what happens from like the time I see him to the time I go to bed Im like all smiles ... its insane lol ... Just thought I would share that with you all ... lol cause I was talking about stuff like that with Jameis!

Soooo ... SCHOOL! I think I am Doing rather well... Lets see Science ... C I believe ... German ... A BEOTCH!... Civics... Dun dun dun ... B? Yes... Algebra... a Big Ol C... which Will either fall misserably... or Go up wonderfully ... depending on how well I did on the test... Study hall ... You dont get graded on ... so lol ... ya know! And English ... A. He I feel better about these grades then before ... Hopefully Ill never get a fricken 1.6 again ... My Gawd that made me so upset ... Like .. I never realized how much a report card could effect the way I felt... and how my mood would be ...

Well some more ramblings ... I never realized how much I missed being with Casey ... Like I never really thought about how much fun we had like we could have fun like sitting in a corner looking at eachother ... lol ... it would keep us amused for hours! Like last week sometime I was gonna go to the hockey game but I decided not to ... and Casey ended up calling me and wanted to know if I wanted to go chill with her ... so we went and drove down this road ... we hadnt seen anyone in like miles ... a good 30 minutes I believe right Case ... well we were gonna go into the woods and stuff but it was like pitch dark and she was creeping me out ... someday Case someday! Then after that we made our trip to McDonalds ... lol Got some Fries then pulled away and forgot to get something to drink so we went to the next McDonalds down the line and got a milkshake ... then we went to my house I got some money from my dad so we could get some more gas so we could hang out longer ... and then we left ... we ended up just driving and we went to go put the gas in and like the damn thing ate the money and we didnt get our gas ... Bastard Armor station as Joe Said when we went to his house after wards ... " Who do you call when an armor station screws you " Lol ... so then we sat with Joe ... Astrid ... Abby ... and Bret for a while! And the time before that we had an awesome time to ... Lol she sat through my dance class just so we would be able to hang out longer lol ... Omg ... that was funny as hell! So In Conclusion of that Paragraph I love My Casey!

Omg ... Im gonna hate when I go home! Like Im gonna love it ... But Im gonna hate it cause I dont have Internet at home because we like literally killed the computer!... Like it wont even turn on ... Hows that for the gayest thing you ever heard ... But I should be getting internet back at home here soon ... Butcha know ... Like I enjoy talking to Mike and Garrett and Jewdee so much ... No offence to anyone else reading this ... if you werent on here ... but they are like the coolest people like ever! And like ... I never talk to them unless its online ... and like the very few times ive hung out with any of them! ... Like I wouldnt be so bummed cause you know I can just like call them up and be like hey lets hang out but I know that it wont hang out that way and even if we make plans to hang out before I leave here it wont end up happening ... Like ... I dont know it just wont ... and that stinks ...

Well everyone this is an EXTREMELY long entry... Ill be shocked if any of you actually read it ... But hey ya know ... Im gonna go I love you all especially ... My ONE AND ONLY ... My Camsonite ... My Ashley and Kayla and Jessie ... my Cookie slut ... My MOE and Garrett 2! And well all the rest of you Im forgetting right now ...



Oh yes ... and a few more things ... Nicole Johnson ... I miss you and I hate Michigan just because you live there ... I want you to come home right now ... and I dont have your number anymore because my phone got stolen ... and I didnt have it written down anywhere to put in my new phone ...

Adam J. Upton ... your my best friend ... I miss you tons and I neeeeeeeeeed to talk to you soon before I have like withdrawals ... and Die! LOVE YA BUDDY!
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